How handmadebyBCK got started?
In 2016, my husband told me I should try to make all of my Christmas gifts. Ever since I was a little girl, I would save my allowance till December so that I could buy my whole family gifts. Needless to say, over the years, my love of gift giving only grew, as did the budget. I may have gone a little over the top in past years. So, when presented with this challenge I took it very seriously. I wasn't willing to cave on the amount of gifts, but I had to be a lot more creative. I stumbled upon arm knitting. Something I could teach myself and had a more unique and modern look than some traditional knitting pieces.  
After a few weeks, I had ruined a few skeins of yarn, but also I managed to have a few finished scarves. And I was off...
Thank you for visiting - hope you enjoy! - Beth Cohen King
Here are a few behind the scenes pics - 
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